Wednesday, February 27, 2013

25 Follower Giveaway! **CLOSED**

Hi! :)

I have 27 followers!  I have reached my goal!  This is sooooo exciting!  Well, I'm sure you guys know what that means!  It means...........  A Giveaway!  Before I start all that, I want to say thank you to all of my followers!  You are awesome!  Thank you so much for following my blog!  It means so much to me!  Now on to the giveaway!

For my giveaway, Lacey from ThePurpleLaugh is sponsoring me!  Thank you so much Lacey!  She is going to be sponsoring me with a beautiful journal!  The winner can chose any journal that they want from her shop!  Here are some pictures!

They are very beautiful journals!  These journals will also be extra special for those of us who are writers!  This will be a perfect journal for you to write whatever you want in it!  There are other journals in her store that I didn't show, and you can chose any one of them if you win!

How To Enter

1.  You must be a public follower of my blog.

2.  Visit Lacey's shop ThePurpleLaugh, and check out all her beautiful journals!  Then come back to this post, and in a comment tell me your name and your favorite item from Lacey's shop!

3.  For extra points you can put my button on your blog (2), put the button that advertises the giveaway on your blog (you can find it on my sidebar at the very top of my blog) (3), do a post about it on your blog (3), like Lacey's Facebook page ThePurpleLaugh (2), and/or buy something from Lacey's shop (5).  If you do any of these things, make sure to comment below and tell me.

4.  If you don't leave your comments on this post, it will not be counted.

5.  If you win, you will have to provide me with your address.  Only U.S. addresses can be shipped to.  

6. The giveaway will close on March 9 at 11:59 p.m. pacific standard time.

Good luck!


  1. I follow you! My name is Sarah Bertke and my favorite item is the "Custom Hand Bound Journal with Ivory and Green Chevron Cover, Braided Twine and Ribbon Bookmarks, and a Gold Key and Green Crystal Charms"

  2. My daughter would love to win this giveaway. We now follow you (it's under Susan) via GFC and ThePurpleLaugh on Facebook. My daughter's favorite item is: Custom Hand Bound Journal with Ivory Cover, Robbins Egg Blue Inside Covers, and a Silver Key and Silver Heart Punch Tag Charms

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I follow you! My name is Hannah and my favorite item is the "White Lace Journal with Gray Accents and Crystal and Silver Teardrop-Shaped Charms." This is an awesome giveaway! I love writing!

  4. I put your button on my sidebar:

  5. Put your giveaway button on my blog:

  6. I follow you! My favorite journal from the shop is, the Custom Hand Bound Journal with Ivory Cover!

  7. I put both buttons on my blog, , liked ThePurpleLaugh on facebook and posted about it! :D

  8. 'Ello, I'm Jenny and I am following you! ^-^ My favorite item is: White Lace Journal with Gray Accents and Crystal and Silver Teardrop-Shaped Charms

  9. I now have your blog button on my sidebar:

    It's kinda cut off, though. :/ I'll try to fix it sometime.

  10. My name is Yan,I follow you and I thank you for the comment on the koala,my favorite thing from Thepurplelaugh is purple,gold and cream canvas hand bound journal with ribbon bookmark and gold key charm.I like Thepurplelaugh on facebook and I posted on my blog which is

  11. I now have your giveaway button on my blog:

    I also fixed my sidebar so everything fits nicely! Yay!

  12. I made a blog post about this giveaway:

    I also liked ThePurpleLaugh on Facebook!

    I think those are all the entries except for buying something from ThePurpleLaugh. ^-^

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway,

  13. Hi Lindsay! I would love to enter and my name is Claire(hee hee). My favorite journal was the china blue antique one! It's so pretty! Can't wait to see you! Love, Claire

    1. Thanks for entering! I'm so excited to see you!


  14. Your blog is just lovely! My name is laura and would love to entered. My favorite is the blue and ivory journal.

  15. Hi there! Great giveaway and blog! My name is Molly Elwell and I love the China Blue Antique Print Journal with Swarovski Crystal Charms and Lace Bookmark! So cute. Congrats on the milestone with followers too!