Agent J. and the Great Attack

Preview of My New Story:

I see things others don't see.  I can see a mouse under the dishwasher, that no humans saw.  I take that mouse and throw it outside, where it belongs, in the wild.  I find things that humans have lost, and looked for.  I put those things back.  I'm Agent J, but you can call me Jack.  My job is to make people happy, but there's more people then there used to be, and it's hard to keep them all happy; but that's the least of my worries.  First, I have to get through Mr. Kap.

Chapter 1.

I'm Agent J.  I'm here to make everyone happy, but my true challenge is Mr. Kap.  It's my job to stop him.  Some say he wants to take over SpY CaT AgEnCy, and some say he plans to take over the whole world!  I have to stop him!  I never go alone though, I am always accompanied by my best assistant Agent M.  

Yesterday, as Agent M. and I were spying on Mr. Kap, Agent M. got so mad about what he was saying, she almost jumped on him!  I told her to stop though, because we wouldn't get anymore information about his plan if she jumped on him.  All he said was, "That agency sure is tricky, but I'll finish them!"  We also heard him say something about his new and highly trained sergeant.  I think he said he goes by Sergeant KP.  What a strange name!  Most likely Sergeant KP. will quit though, because all of Mr. Kap's assistants, sergeants, etc. have just been serving him.   We must investigate this case more thoroughly.  You never know what Mr. Kap could be up to at the time!

Chapter 2.

"Agent J., Agent J.!

  "Agent J. in, what is it boss?"

"Mr. Kap is up to something!  He has stocked up on wires of all colors, and lots of water bottles and duct tape, and stuffed animal dogs.  I don't know what he's up to, but I'm sure its not good!  Be safe Agent J.  I am sending Agent M. with you.  Be careful.  Who knows what he's up to!"

"I'm on it sir!"

Oh boy, I didn't know what I had gotten myself into that day!  Mr. Kap was up to something big, bigger than I had ever seen before.  He was setting up a doginator!  A machine that will create evil dogs that work for him!  "

"Stop!  I order Mr. Kap.  You can't do this,"  I yell.

"Who says? Ya ha ha ha!  There's no stopping me know.  I'll finish you, I'll finish you all!" yells Mr. Kap.
"You won't get away with this!" says Agent M. very angrily.

"We'll be back," I tell him.  "We'll be back!"

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