Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi guys!

It's been a while!  How have all my lovely followers been?  I've been doing some fun things, and I thought you would enjoy hearing about this particular thing.  Well, my family and I went on a hike to some gorgeous waterfalls!  They were all so beautiful!  They were nice easy hikes in and out for a super gorgeous view of the falls.  At a particular fall, you were so close that you could touch the water. It was really cool!  I took some pictures and videos with my iPod Touch (post about my iPod Touch coming soon :), so here they are!

We walked on a bridge to get this view.  It was so gorgeous!  I have a really cool video of this one.

This was the waterfall that you could touch the water at.  You couldn't actually touch this part though.  There were other areas that weren't rushing so crazily that you could touch.

This is me, and you can see the waterfall behind me.  There are some sun rays on my face.

I think this is a really pretty picture!  This is the creek below the base of the waterfall, but the water is still rushing by quickly and loudly.  I didn't realize I had captured these sun rays until later on when I was going through my photos.  I Instagramed (yes, I got an Instagram!  post about that later) it!

We drove to this waterfall, it was so beautiful!

Here is a video.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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