Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Soap from Ginger Grey


Melissa from Ginger Grey kindly donated some soap samples to me for reviewing.  

She sent me three different scents.

Tropical Paradise:

The soap felt very nice when I rubbed it on my hands.  It was very sudsy, and felt nice and clean.  It rinsed off easily, and my hands felt very clean after rinsing and drying them.  The smell was wonderful, and was still on my hands after using it.  This one is my favorite.

White Tea and Ginger:

When I rubbed the soap on my hands, it felt very smooth and soothing.  It lathered nicely, and scrubbed  in well.  It washed off very easily.  The Smell was very faint, but nice.  The smell was still on my hands after rinsing and drying them.  My hands feel very clean, and smell wonderful! 


The cacao smells very nice.  It is not too strong, it is nice and subtle.  I only had to rub a small amount of soap onto my hands for it to start bubbling up, but it did start to crumble off the bar as a rubbed it on a bit.  It felt nice and soothing when I  rubbed it on my hands.  It washed off very easily, and my hands felt very nice and clean.  The smell was still on my hands after I washed and dried them.  It smells quite fresh and clean.  I'm not necessarily smelling cacao, but the scent is nice.  Overall I really like this soap.

Thank you so much Melissa!  I really enjoyed reviewing your soaps.  They are all great quality, and smell quite nice.

Make sure to visit Melissa's shop Ginger Grey.  You can also visit her Facebook, or her website

If you have any additional questions about the soap, you can comment below, or email me at  Thanks for reading, and thank you Melissa!  

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